SCIL Pre School

SCIL Pre school located at Hali Road comprises of the junior most classes from Pre-nursery to KG catering to a student body of more than 500 students. The aim of SCIL Preschool is to give education that is value-based. Education that imparts roots and also gives wings while keeping in mind the core purpose of instilling strong Islamic, and moral values in these very fresh minds.

SCIL Preschool offers the Montessori method of teaching along with Arts, Sports and ICT facilities to keep our children at pace with modern era technologies. From an early age, we inculcate Islamic etiquette by teaching and practicing sunnahs with them. We start Tajweed classes, memorization of surahs and dua´s and discussion of the lives of the Prophets in the early years program.

Our year starts with welcoming these tiny tots with open arms by our loving, caring and dedicated teachers and staff until these first timers start feeling comfortable and well-at-home in the friendly environment of our school.

From the First Day at School Party to Eid Celebrations, all the milestones are well celebrated.

The hallmarks of SCIL Preschool are our fun and lively events including Colour Days, Transportation Day, Pet Show, Winter Gala among many others. They along with the Annual Day Function leave memories to cherish for years to come.

SCIL Preschool holds various competitions like Qiraat and Reading Competition, Sports Week, A-Z, Arts Competition to inculcate a healthy habit of winning and losing gracefully and to learn new skills that they’ll use throughout their lives.

Healthy competitions are conducted throughout the year to encourage our young minds to take healthy risks instead of only doing activities that they are comfortable with. It teaches kids to step out of their comfort zone and become outstanding confident children. We want all our buds to blossom well Insha´Allah!

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