Admission Procedure

This is a step by step outline of the admission process at SCIL. In order to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for our parents InshaAllah, we ask you to please read the following carefully. In case of any further queries, you may consult our website at or contact the Head Office.


Step1: Registration

During February and March, kindly visit the SCIL Head Office and fill the registration form after payment of the registration fee (non-refundable). In case of limited vacancies, a waitlist option may be available.

Step2: Entrance Test

An entrance test will be conducted in three main subjects: English, Urdu and Mathematics. The assessment level will be based on the final examination of the preceding class that the child has completed. e.g. if your child is seeking admission in grade V, the entrance test will be based on the final assessment / examination level of grade IV. For KG and I, test syllabi will be available from the Head Office. For Pre-Nursery and Nursery, only an future of the child and parents will be conducted

Step3: Interview

A formal interview of child and his / her parents / guardians will be conducted by the Principal and Director. It is essential for both parents to be present at the interview.


Step4: Notification 0f Decision

Admission will be offered against available seats based on both the entrance test and the interview. In case the child does not pass the entrance test, as opportunity for a re-test may be available upon the Director's discretion. You will be notified of the admission decision through as admitted student list that will be put up at the head office. For other times during the school year, you will receive a phone call from the school informing you of the decision

Step5: Collection Of Admission Packet

If admission to SCIL has been granted, kindly collect the admission packet from the Head Office.The admission packet will include the following:-

  1. Admission Form
  2. Uniform list
  3. Book list
  4. School timings list

To submit:

Step6: Fee Payment

If your child is accepted to SCIL, you will be requested to pay the admission fee (non-refundable) and the security fee (refundable) within a week in order to secure his / her place.

The school tuition fee and other charges are to be paid every three months (quarterly) in advance through the bank. The school has the discretion to review school fees and other charges, without prior written notice.

The school regrets that no concession in the tuition fee will be given on the second or third sibling attending SCIL. However, a concession of 50 percent of the tuition fee for the fourth sibling attending SCIL will be provided.

Step7: Commencing Studies

The child will commence school at his / her relevant branch in August/ September, or during the school year in some cases. We would encourage you to help us foster an environment at school and at home conducive to learning Islamic values, and to ensure a fond attitude towards studies in your child. Jazak Allah.

You will be asked to submit certain documents and will receive further information.


Joining Hifz-e-Quran programme is optional and is offered to students who have completed grade 3 and will be starting grade 4. Their admission in the Hifz programme will depend on their entrance test for grade IV and an additional test of Nazra Quran from the last 5 Paras of the Quran.

Age Levels

Classes offered at SCIL along with their relevant age ranges are listed below:

Class Student Age Levels Class Student Age Levels
Pre-Nursery 2 year 6 month to 3 year 5 month V 9 year 6 month to 10 year 5 month
Nursery 3 year 6 month to 4 year 5 month VI 10 year 6 month to 11 year 5 month
KG 4 year 6 month to 5 year 5 month VII 11 year 6 month to 12 year 5 month
I 5 year 6 month to 6 year 5 month VIII 12 year 6 month to 13 year 5 month
II 6 year 6 month to 7 year 5 month IX 13 year 6 month to 14 year 5 month
III 7 year 6 month to 8 year 5 month X 14 year 6 month to 15 year 5 month
IV 8 year 6 month to 9 year 5 month XI 15 year 6 month to 16 year 5 month