About SCIL

The inspiration for School for Contemporary and Islamic Learning began merely as a dream some thirty years ago. The dream was that of a Pakistani parent, and consisted of finding a school for his children that would be the perfect amalgamation of worldly education and Islamic values; the failure to find such a school catalyzed SCIL’s evolution into a project from a mere idea. That dream was to unfold into a project that would serve to educate and enlighten, in both contemporary and religious spheres, the youth of Pakistan, InshaAllah.

Since its initiation in September 2003 and spanning the years in between, SCIL has become an established institution with six branches in 2016, namely the junior and senior boys branch (up to Grade IX), the Girls branch (up to A'Levels) , the Elementary branch (up to Grade III) and the Junior branch (Up to K.G.). And DHA Campus and Five branches are currently located in Gulberg, Lahore. All branches are equipped with well-maintained facilities such as computer and science laboratories and libraries, in addition to offering optional Hifz classes and a wide range of extra-curricular activities, all overseen by our conscientious faculty members.