Islamic Studies

Apart from the prescribed syllabus, the Islamiyat curriculum at SCIL is not only very comprehensive, but also multi-dimensional. The toddler who enters SCIL, at the age of two and a half to three years, is immediately exposed to an environment reverberating with the mention of Allah (SWT) names and His glorious attributes. He quickly picks up the ways of the Sunnah and starts learning the musnoon daily duas.

In a couple of years he progresses to learning the recitation of the Quran, with proper tajweed, which continues till Grade VI. The completion of the Quran with word to word tarjuma & tafseer is the culmination of this beautiful journey at the end of Grade XI – when it is time to leave school after ‘O’ Levels. At the core, we want to nurture students whose hearts are enriched with ilm of the Quran through presentations, discussions. Students have the option to memorize the Quran in our hifz programme starting in grade IV and continue contemporary education in English, Mathematics and Urdu along side.

So, Alhamdulillah when a student graduates from SCIL, he / she has not only read the Quran in Arabic (nazra) but has also gone through its meaning and explanation in some detail. The tarbiyyah of our students is done on the basis of all that they read in the Quran, the Hadith and the stories of the Sahabah, which are interwoven into the Islamiyat curriculum.