SCIL Defence (Barki Branch)

Our aim is to provide our students with a custom built campus so they have access to state of the art facilities in all areas of learning. For this purpose, SCIL has purchased approximately 30 kanals of land in DHA Phase VIII. SCIL construct a school building, which includes spacious classrooms, activity rooms, libraries, laboratories, a multipurpose hall, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, a mosque with a prayer hall for ladies and a cafeteria over two stages.

Were had been completed on Project I, which consists of a three-storey building that spans over a covered area of 48000 sq. ft., basketball courts, and a football fields. The next stage is Project II, which will start post completion of Project I Insha’Allah.

Admission are open to admit students from Pre-Nursery to Grade VI in SCIL Defence Campus for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Admission Now Open

SCIL Head Office, 117A-E/1, Hali Road Gulberg III, Lahore.
Phone: +92-42-35752184, +92-42-35752185

SCIL DHA Campus, Barki Road, Phase VIII DHA, Lahore.
Phone: +92-320-4352491


Pre School Section

Our Students:

The section has classes from Grade Pre Nursery -Kindergarten (Pre Nursery: 2 sections named after flowers, Nursery: 5 sections named after fruits & Kindergarten: 5 sections named after colours) with a strength of 319 students.

Campus Climate:

Our administrators and staff create campus climate that is welcoming to our students. It contributes to students' successful progress as readers. Some aspects of our positive campus climate include:

Attractive environment:

Purpose built ,airy ,well-lit , spacious classrooms & huge play grounds

Print rich environment:

Lots of books are in evidence (and in use) in classroom libraries, and the school library .Bulletin boards are being prepared for every concept to provide print rich environment .

Student work:

Children's written/ art work is displayed in the halls and in the classrooms.

Positive staff:

The staff is friendly and respectful of every student and is committed to a program of continuous student development from one grade level to the next and to stimulating family involvement.

Curricular decisions:

Effective practices are maintained and often improved; new ideas are discussed, evaluated, and integrated with existing practice.

Student attitudes:

Students are proud of their accomplishments and respectful of teachers and of other students.

The Areas of Development offered by SCIL:

The areas of development that are offered by our school are as follows:

  • Personal, social, economic and emotional development
  • Communication (talking and listening)
  • World knowledge and Understanding
  • Creative and aesthetic development
  • Mathematical awareness
  • Physical development
  • Play
  • Teamwork
  • Self-help skills
  • Social skills
  • Scientific thinking
  • Literacy
  • Islamic education
  • Memorization of Duas and Surahs with Correct Makharij


Our curriculum mainly focuses on basic skills, especially literacy and numeracy, and structured pre-determined, student centered activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play for achieving related goals. It supports a child's overall development including health and physical development, emotional and spiritual well-being, social competence, intellectual development and communication skills. All concepts are being Islamised to connect these tiny tots with their creator.

School Facilities:

1. Media Room:

There is a smart board room in the school to show videos and ICT integration. Tabs are also being used for ICT integration in the classes.

2. Library:

We have a moveable library containing learning and teaching resources that are available for all students.

3. Reading Area:

A comfortable reading area is located in all the classes that provides an ideal atmosphere for children to read, encouraging development and practice of this essential skill.

4. Kindergarten Play Area/ Jungle Gym:

Kindergarten students play in a safe and secure environment, designed especially for the enjoyment and capabilities of young children. The area is equipped with a variety of outdoor play equipment.

5. Montessori area :

We have a Montessori room which allows children to develop the motivation to learn and explore through hands-on learning and collaborative has five centers including sensorial, EPL, Art, language and mathematics. STEM is included as the part of curriculum in Kindergarten.

Morning Assemblies:

Morning assemblies are a regular feature of the section that sets the tone of the day. Students recite names of Allah, recite Qur’an, hadiths and theme related short presentations enhance their confidence to face the audience. A short talk is also given by head teachers and coordinators of the section.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Extra-curricular activities that exist at our Campus for Junior Section are as follows:

Sports and Recreation:

Students take part in healthy physical activities and sports like….

  • Outdoor and indoor games
  • Races
  • Daily exercises

Academic Competitions:

Students take part in competitive, academic related school competitions like….

  • Qiraat competition
  • Handwriting competition
  • A 2 Z champs Art Competition
  • Reading Competition
  • General knowledge Quiz
  • Show and Tell Activity


Following clubs are being offered for Nursery and Kindergarten students

  • Gymnastic Club
  • Karate Club


Each year an educational/ recreational trips is planned to develop the observational skills of our students.

Elementary Section

The Elementary Section of Defence Campus comprises of Grade I – III it provides a broad & balanced curriculum to meet the needs of each individual child.

Here our students move towards a more formalized approach to learning. They continue to study through hands on activities practicing previously learned skills and acquiring new ones.

Subjects included are English, Urdu, Mathematics, E.Studies, I.Studies, Tajweed, Computer, Art and Physical Education. Teachers encourage and develop teamwork, good study habits and organizational skills. They endeavor to stimulate every child's interest, curiosity and creativity in order to promote a true love of learning.

To develop the habit of reading we have a well stocked library where books are used on regular basis and a well equipped Resource room ensures ICT integration in lesson wherever required. The teacher’s strive to challenge each child in order to enhance their problem solving, critical thinking and logic skills.

Ample opportunities are provided to students to develop their self confidence and public speaking skills through Assembly Presentations and various competitions. This trusting relationship with the students contributes to a positive learning experience.


Senior Boys Section

Senior Boys Section is relocated into a newly established building with vast playgrounds, separate washrooms, complete with our own entrance segregated from the Girl’s section.

Our Students: The section has classes from Grade 4 to O’ Levels with the strength of 100 students and the number is increasing day by day. Students not only get training for Cambridge exams from early levels, but also a special care is given to their social value-based life skills and civic skills training.

Our Teachers: Teachers are hired on a highly set criterion. Once they are appointed, they are further trained and coached by our in -house certified teacher trainers. Each and every lesson plan is thoroughly discussed with collaborative and student empowering activities and methodologies. They are regularly observed and trained in need based professional training sessions.

Morning assemblies are a regular feature of the section that sets the tone of the day. Students recite names of Allah, recite Qur’an, hadiths and theme related short presentations. A small talk is also given by head teachers and coordinators of the section.

Activities: Students take part in competitive, academic related inter and intra school competitions like essay writing competition, Math quiz, Qira’t and Nasheed competions, spelling Bee etc.

Students take part in healthy physical activities and sports matches like football, basketball etc. Sports clubs like Karate, Gymnastic are periodically offered as an after school activities.

Talks: To establish and enhance a spiritual connection between the boys and Allah SWT, Tarbiya lessons are a regular feature which are conducted by Tarbiya In charge, Mr. Muhammad Ali, twice a month. Environmental awareness talks like smog, self-protection and other tarbiyyah session are also being conducted on regular basis by the scholars across the world.

To enhance leadership and management skills in the students various clubs are offered i.e. Literary Society, Environmental Society, Sports Society and Drama Club which are solely run by senior boys.

Trips: Each year various educational and recreational trips are planned to develop the observational skills of our students.

Computer Lab: provides the facility to practice computer skills

Canteen: The canteen provides the students a range of wholesome and nutritional cuisine. Junk food is strictly prohibited, and frequent checks are carried out to ensure that the quality and price of the items are maintained.

Hifz Section

SCIL takes pride in its Hifz Section, as it is committed in following the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) through memorization of the Holy Quran.

Induction: The selected students from Grade 3 are inducted into the Hifz program. The memorization of the Quran is completed in a span of two and a half years, starting in June of every year and ending with a Wafaq-ul-Madaris test. Every year, the number of selected candidates has increased by a staggering amount.

Our students: The Hifz section is comprised of three levels with the strength of almost an hundred students which is increasing day by day.

Hifz Faculty: Hifz Section is being successfully managed by a highly qualified Hifz Nazim and an academic coordinator. We have employed very experienced Qari and Qarias for both Girls and Boys section.

During the course of a week, along with the memorization of the Quran, our students enjoy an academic day in which they are taught the basic subjects (English, Urdu and Maths) according to their academic level by seasoned teachers.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Along with the memorization of Quran, regular Tarbiya, games and library lessons are conducted which are designed to nourish our young Huffazs’ academic and physical sides alongside their religious education.

Special Event: Every year our students wait impatiently for Haddar and Manzil competition which is a special inter branch competition in which Hifz students show case their recitation and memorization skills.