SCIL Elementary Branch (Grade I - III)

Good quality education to us means a personality which is a sound blend of values, social responsibility and knowledge. We realize that each child tends to achieve success differently, and hence development of the ‘individual student’ takes center stage at Elementary girls. Each child who arrives at Elementary Girls comes with her own individual challenges. We take upon ourselves, as our task during their time here, to help them achieve their unique potential and become empowered individuals. The significant feature of Elementary´s academic program is to equip our youth with 21st century skills and prepare them for what “lies ahead”. Our student-centered approach enables the teachers to engage directly with each student. The classroom themselves are equipped with all the necessary resources, and a strong emphasis is placed on creating an environment that is conducive to learning. The school curriculum department and evaluation unit regularly assesses the quality of education, and the faculty is continuously challenged to improve their teaching through various teacher training courses. We review and update our procedures to ensure that our students remain appropriately challenged and supported in their academic progress, as they learn the art to expand the possibilities they see for themselves.

LIFE at Elementary

Mathematics Contest:

Keeping in mind the innovative approach towards mathematical skills, our Mathematics program is continuously developing with special focus on mental Math strategies. Mathematics contest is one of the salient features of Elementary branch for testing and pushing their skills to the highest level. The general aim of this contest is to enable students to learn to reason logically, recognize and connect mathematical concepts with the world, and develop a positive attitude towards the subject.

Reading Competition

Reading skills are important for students’ success as they allow them to enhance their communications and language skills. In addition reading ignites imagination and exposes children to different cultures, peoples, and languages of the world. We believe that children learn new words as they read and absorb information to structure sentences and learn how to use new vocabulary effectively in their writing and speaking. Children who are good readers tend to achieve better across the curriculum. English and Urdu Reading Competitions are organized to motivate and encourage students to develop a habit of reading. Moreover, a unique reading program has been introduced as part of the school development plan. DEAR LESSON is conducted throughout the school daily right after the morning assembly. For 15 minutes all the students and the teachers read from the books they have brought for this particular activity. The purpose of this reading activity is to create awareness about the importance of reading and its benefits. Certificates and badges are awarded to students who take interest and make efforts to develop and polish their reading skills.

Science Fair:

With the pace that the world is progressing and technology is advancing; an understanding of science is crucial. Making science both fun and interesting helps the students to do much more than just learn. Another significant feature of the Elementary Campus is the SCIENCE FAIR in which students participate with great zeal and enthusiasm. To prepare children for the 21st century world it is very important to equip them with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. We believe in inquiry based learning in our Science Program. Students conduct experiments and draw conclusions. Hands on activities, real life experiences and end of unit presentations/ projects play a vital role in learning and gaining confidence. Cooperative learning is ensured through pair work and group activities.

English and Urdu Speech Competition:

Fear is the most significant cause of anxiety and nervousness when it comes to public speaking, rather than lack of skills. Presenting and defending ideas eventually improves confidence and betters communication skills. Elementary aims to provide students with a platform to express their views. English / Urdu speech competitions are held in the campus to teach students how to form logical arguments and present them with confidence. Every year the young and enthusiastic speakers of Elementary get a chance to prove themselves by speaking about the legendary poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal and also about the father of the nation, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

English and Urdu Hand Writing Competition:

Handwriting is an essential skill for both children and adults and good handwriting has a positive impact on grades. Students feel happy and confident if they have good handwriting. Teachers at Elementary pay great attention in developing handwriting skills by adopting different strategies and techniques. Urdu and English handwriting competitions are held to emphasize the importance of legible handwriting and neat presentation of work.

Seerah Day:

Without the complete knowledge of the Seerah we cannot understand the Book of Allah (SWT). In order to get a full understanding of the Quran we need to get a full understanding of the seerah as well. Keeping this in mind and in order to inculcate love for the Prophet (SAW) and to know about his great mission Elementary hosts SEERAH DAY every year. This event covers the various aspects of the life of Muhammad (SAW) and highlights his significance as a last messenger.

Qiraat Competition:

Elementary takes pride in holding a Qiraat competition annually. The objective of the competition is to inculcate love of reciting the Quran in the manner taught by the Prophet (SAW) and to build and strengthen the relationship between the Quran and our youth.

Sports Day:

Engaging in sports gives students an opportunity to interact with each other and learn about the importance of teamwork not only in the field but also in their classrooms, families and communities as well. They learn how to respect the effort made by other students and be happy for their success. The Annual Sports day is a colourful show put up by Elementary girls in which they display not only their talents but also self-discipline. It is indeed one of the most awaited events of the year that parents look forward to. This is usually a day-long event held in a stadium and features activities ranging from the school march past, individual and relay races, Hula Hoops, Gymnastic, PT displays and cultural celebrations. The energetic Elementary games teacher puts her heart and soul in preparing students for this mega event.

Annual Presentation:

Annual functions are of great importance for students in the school because it helps them to get involved in extra curricular activities and also to let the parents become aware of their children's skills, talents and interests. Performing on stage gives students an opportunity to learn a variety of emotions, feelings and how to express them. They are able to explore different themes and experience a variety of real and imaginary situations. Stage performance brings out children's creativity and so much more. This is an event in which all the students get a chance to perform on the stage leading them to become better communicators. Thought provoking scripts along with hilarious comedies are selected for the event so that it can leave an impact on the audience.

After School Clubs:

After school activities and creative sessions provide fun ways for kids to learn new skills. It also plays a huge part in supporting academic learning and strengthens confidence and independence of a child. Elementary Offers after school clubs in Cooking, Arts and Craft. A large number of girls participate in these clubs with great interest. We offer children a safe, environment in which they learn new skills.

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