SCIL Hikmah Cell

The Hikmah cell has been established to provide the correct theoretical and practical guidance in order to uphold the mission statement of SCIL.

The Hikmah cell members are committed to designing a comprehensive Islamic Learning program for the SCIL community, according to basic religious values and teachings, derived from authentic and unbiased sources. Such a program, implemented from the primary level onwards, will allow the school to achieve its fundamental purpose of raising practicing Muslims and civic-minded citizens who can contribute productively to the society. The SCIL Hikmah cell is continuously contributing to the Islamic program through research and effort to formulate a viable program tailored to the needs of the young Muslims of today.

The three essential components of this Islamic Curriculum are:

  1. Al-Furqan (Pre Nursery-Grade 8)
  2. Bil-Yaqeen (Grade 9-A level)
  3. Al-Husna (Female Teachers & Mothers)
  4. Al-Mubeen (Male Teachers & Fathers)


  1. Para workbooks
  2. Dua Books
  3. Tajweed Qa’ida
  4. The Radiant Lamp