SCIL Senior Girls Branch

SCIL Girls Branch was launched in 2006.Our branch is among the pioneers of Islamic schools in the city and it offers classes from Grade 4 to O levels. It provides quality education in a feasible and conducive environment for learning. We attempt to impart both Islamic and contemporary knowledge in a well-knit dimension to produce wholesome individuals. Being in an ‘all girls’ campus, our students enjoy the liberty of comfortably experiencing all the important aspects of campus life

The main mission of SCIL Girls Branch is to prepare our girls for the challenges of the every changing global environment. We give them the essentials of Quranic teachings and the best of contemporary education in order to equip them to stand up to any dilemma or situation with integrity and confidence. Our logo “Education is the birth right of every child male or female. We are empowering, enabling, and facilitating our students to become useful citizens of the global village. SCIL Girls Branch ventures to break the conventional norms to create a culture based on religion, morals and high order learning.

On-Campus Facilities:

Science Labs
Hifz Classes
Computer Lab
Art Room

Science Labs: We believe in experiential learning and therefore we offer a well- equipped science Lab. The students are exposed to experimentation at an early age to encourage analytical and research based learning.

Computer Lab: The medium of teaching in the computer lLab is through the use of a multimedia. The computers are constantly upgraded to ensure that they fulfill the demands of the subject. Internet facility is available to aid research for teachers and students alike.

Library: The Branch houses a well stocked Library. Offering books ranging from informative encyclopedia, Islamic literature by scholars and purely fiction by world renowned authors.
The library further offers audio visual aids to further facilitate and maintain a learning environment across the school. There is a huge collection of C.Ds and cassettes on various topics, documentations and informative monies for the students to enjoy.

Art Room: Islamic art is acknowledge worldwide. Remaining biltim the limitations of Islamic law, we provide art classes teaching line and length, still lifes, calligraphy, tile designing etc. so our creative students can fully realize their potential. The Art room holds the art material and provides a liberating space for our young artists.

Hifz Classes: A major specialty and honour for the school are the Hifz-e-Quran classes. We offer the option to memorize the Holy Book after completion of Grade 3. The interested students are tested for a good grip over the recitation of the Quran (Tajweed Nazira). The Hifzprogramme is scheduled over a period of 2 ½ to 3 years. The young Hafizaat in addition to the memorization also study English, Urdu, and Mathematics. They also enjoy their library lessons and other extracurricular activities offered in the school.

Canteen: The canteen provides the students a range of wholesome and nutritional cuisine. Junk food is strictly forbidden and frequent checks are carried out to ensure that the quality and price of the items are maintained.

Sports: it is very important to maintain a healthy generation with a sound body and mind. The girls enjoy sports like basketb ball, throwb ball, badminton and table tennis. Regular matches are conducted on the campus, and prizes and trophies are handed out to the wining students and teams. Physical activities teach our students discipline, fair play, and sportsman spirit. They are invigoration for the mind and enhance creative thought. Riding and swimming details with Mrs.Mela.

Our Staff: The teaching staff at Girls Branch is frequently subjected to in-service training workshops in order to upgrade their educational experience. The school is constantly in contact with educationists in the country to assist in teacher training programmes within the school. We also believe in inter school ventures to enhance and widen our educational horizons.
Our teachers are enrolled with SPELT Lahore and recently with PORTAL. Teacher vocabulary trainers like Ms. Tina Hameed have been adding to our most precious resource – our teachers. We believe ‘A good teacher breeds enthusiasmand an urge for higher learning.
There is an in-service training programme for our teachers constant religions and moral training as well the Dars is basically a thorough training in the injunctions of the Quran as well as Hadith. This sets the basis of an Islamic moral system through out the school. To promote and enhance this true Islamic culture the staff is hired keeping this framework in mind.

Quranic Studies: Completion of the Quran with translation and tafseer is the heart of all that takes place at SCIL. The whole objective of setting up SCIL in the city is to create individuals and gradually a society well versed in both Quran and contemporary studies. The Quran is taught at SCIL with one purpose alone - to create a bond between man and Allah. This relationship itself ensures and guides all other acts. The teaching of the Quran is carried out through lectures, assignments, presentations, and discussion forms. This ensure an analytical approach towards our religion (deen), which is an entire way of life. We discourage rigidity and secretarianism, and believe in the universality of our deen and hence accommodate students from all schools of thought.

Extra curricular Activities:

Picture Gallery